SELECT - StrEnghten Lay and honorary judges European CompeTencies

The project aims to develop a training course through frontal lessons and e-learning instruments able to provide lay judges involved with didactic and practical tools suitable to support the correct application of the "Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union" (so-called Charter of Nice) in the national legal systems. The Charter is relevant in significant areas for the judicial protection of individuals, such as immigration law, family and children law, labour and consumer law, anti-discrimination law and criminal law. Its application with respect to internal rules, in addition to being required for the fulfilment of the obligations set by EU law, enriches the tools for the protection of individuals, determining, in many cases, greater protection than that provided by the national law.
However, the assessment of the criteria for the application of the Charter is a very complex task for national justice operators, since a constant reference to case-law of the EU Court of Justice and to EU rules is required.
The project, therefore, responds to the need for follow up on a constant updating to which justice professionals are legally subjected.

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